To promote the health of Oregonians through supporting efforts to minimize gambling-related harm.

Guiding Principles

  • The Oregon Council on Problem gambling has no opinion on the moralistic value of gambling. We do oppose illegal gambling.
  • As long as the State sanctions gambling as a source of income, it has a duty-of-care to its citizens to take measures to minimize gambling related harm including making available timely and effective interventions to address issues related to problem gambling as well as supporting effective prevention interventions.
  • Decisions made by the State to increase gambling, either by allowing new forms of gambling, by increasing access to gambling, or by increasing the promotion of gambling, should be done in a manner which takes into consideration any potential harm associated with the expansion and place measures into effect to minimize potential social and emotional costs.
  • Treatment and prevention services provided, or fiscally funded, by the State should meet the outcomes standards of current evidence-based practices for diverse populations.
  • Collaboration among all the stakeholders – State; Treatment and Prevention Providers; Researchers; Gaming Industry; and, Consumers and their Families – is essential to establish and maintain the highest quality of treatment and prevention opportunities.

Goals from 2024-2027 Strategic Plan


Goal #1

Maximize financial and operational sustainability and ensure a well-articulated purpose and focus. Board will be representative of Oregon and the gambling ecosystem and members will have meaningful roles and expectations

Goal #2

OCPG will be a trusted, impactful voice on gambling harm issues, policies and practices that affect Oregonians

Goal #3

Advance gambling and gambling related harm research, knowledge and scholarly pursuits in Oregon